Cold Fighting Lemon Turmeric Ginger Tea

Cold Fighting Lemon Turmeric Ginger Tea

It’s October and everywhere you go, you hear it.

A deflated trumpet of air emerges from the nostrils of an unsuspecting individual nestled closely to you on the train. Muffled sniffles interrupt the clacking of keypads in the cubicle next to your own. You catch yourself sneezing and wonder if you’ve caught a bit of dust up your nose or something far worst.

Am I dramatic?


Am I wrong?

Probably not.

While autumn can be a whirlwind of yellow leaves, dark evenings and cozy nights, it’s also one big party for infectious friends who seem to love making an appearance just in time for the holidays. You would think with temperatures dropping below freezing (Ahem, Chicago) that these little guys would retreat to their caves. Unlike their hosts, they pass from one person to the next as if fall is one big family reunion.

From the very first day I was taught about germs, I have been fearful of them. In fact, my mom got me to ditch the bottle by telling me she had thrown it in the garbage, someplace even then, I knew was a bubbling breeding ground for bacteria.

While I can’t completely dodge bacteria, viruses and all their other pals, there are a few key steps I take to lessen the likelihood of interacting with these buzzkills, one of which is drinking this tea.

Lemon, ginger and turmeric are essentially The Powerpuff Girls of the cold fighting world, each touting their own benefits and ultimately coming together like one super force against evil. This trio is able to ward off colds and bring you back to life if you’re so unlucky to catch one. You can drink this warm and straight from the pot or pop it in the fridge and drink it chilled another day.

But enough about my fear of germs and Cartoon Network references. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for:



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